Montessori Mathematics

Primary School

This curriculum recognizes the diversity that exists among students who study mathematics. We recognize that all students do not necessarily learn mathematics in the same way, using the same resources, and within the sam time frames. We support equity by promoting the active participation of all students and by clearly identifying the knowledge and skills students are expected to demonstrate in every grade. For primary P1-P3, we will cover the following areas

  • Double digit addition subtraction to 100
  • Problem Solving
  • Multiplication
  • Decimal
  • Money
  • Problem Solving
  • Logic


During the Kindergarten program, our program will foster basic thinking, enabling students to complete the foundation of mathematics and covers the following study areas: Numbers, Arithmetic, Measurement, and Equations.Critical Thinking Math enables students to develop depth perception, problem solving, reasoning skills, and covers the following study areas: Patterns and Relationships, Geometry, Measurement, Problem Solving, and Reasoning.

We focus on the following areas
  • Variables and Equations
  • Relationships and Functions
  • Geometry
  • Measurement
  • Application
  • Problem Solving

Pre Nursery

Our pre nursery Math program is a collection of comprehensive learning materials designed to introduce mathematical concepts to early preschoolers. Upon completion, students will have an essential foundation for lifelong success in school mathematics.

The following topics will be covered
  • Comparing objects
  • Sorting objects
  • Recognizing simple shapes
  • Measuring, simple addition, and subtracting basic numbers
  • Learning patterns and matching
  • Counting basic numbers
  • Learning the math conservation principle