As a way of teaching, Montessori offers the view that knowledge isn’t passively gained by listening to words. Rather, it is gained through experiences in the surrounding environment.Students are introduced to the Montessori environment where they can learn at their own pace and develop social skills, work habits, confidence and independence.
Qualities of the prepared classroom include: structure, order, freedom of movement, and freedom of choice.

Within this structured space, children learn through hands-on experiences. Especially relevant are the beautifully made Montessori learning materials that children work with to make independent learning discoveries. The children are guided in their learning by the Montessori teachers, who act as the link between the children, and the prepared environment.

The teacher’s role is to prepare the classroom, and observe and guide their students in their learning. As a result, children progress at their own pace, according to their own abilities.

Through work in the Montessori environment, children learn to develop concentration, self-discipline, and a love of learning.

We apply the Montessori way of teaching to help children achieve their full potential.

Finally, by valuing each child as an individual, we empower our students to become confident, independent learners.


  1. Nurture positive feelings about learning.
  2. Develop self motivation by choosing their own activities and completing them with care and precision.
  3. Appreciate, respect and care for one's environment, self and others.
  4. To strive for success and enjoy a sense of accomplishment.